A Spring in our step


Antoni_-_Bonjour_du_Danemark_01_1024x10241960s Original Danish Travel Poster, Bonjour du Danemark

Today is May 6th and I think we can officially say Spring has found its way to Montreal. I truly hope I haven’t jinxed us by saying that… but we were starting to get a little worried that the weather gods had forgot to make the switch in our city, but it seems like they were just taking their sweet time.

Spring has brought with it several new beginnings and a good dose of excitement for the future of your favorite poster gallery:

  1. We have been working  towards making our new space feel like home. It has been quite the journey but we are now settled in and loving it! It is big, it is bright, it is beautiful, and we have even added some new plants. Real plants that we need to keep alive… Stay tuned for that!

    45985143-BD78-4557-B4E9-2768607E6119The gallery from a poster’s point of view

  2. Remember Amanda from a few seasons ago (is it obvious from my vocabulary that I have been watching too many TV shows?)? Of course you do! Well she just couldn’t stay away from us, and is back on board as our new gallery manager. We are delighted to welcome her into the team once more.59584659_2247937331933032_8760372011135401984_nAmanda working the poster pile
  3. We are having our first show of the year! Pascal Blanchet, a charming Montrealer with incredible graphic and sartorial panache, is a multimedia artist whose creative pursuits include work for The New Yorker, Penguin Books, The National Post and others, as well as graphic novels, album covers and collaborations with directors both here and abroad. Pascal will be showing his posters at the gallery for a month starting May 9th 2019. To launch the exhibition, celebrate the completion of our big move and the inauguration of our new space, we will be throwing a bit of a party on Thursday at 6pm. You should most definitely come by for a drink. Or two!
    RVB de basePascal Blanchet’s exhibition poster



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