Moving ups and downs

Although I always knew I was a glutton for punishment, I suppose I didn’t know how much of a glutton I was until I decided to move the gallery a few doors down the street.

Our new space is airy, sun-lit and almost finished.

Remind me to tell you NEVER to pay the contractor before he’s finished the job some other time… again, there are things you know and things you KNOW but forget because…


well, the jury would be out as to whether you forget because you’re kind-hearted or stupid. But I digress …

We have lovely big walls for our posters, our famous ladder, space for our books and even a few comfy chairs right by the window. We’re very excited in our new home and we can’t wait to welcome you.

Our new address is 461 St Francois Xavier, Montreal H2Y 2T1. Our telephone number remains the same +514 656 3301. Come visit and tell us what you think!

Xo Karen and the team

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