Exuberance, Excellence and Enthusiasm … or how to describe Amanda in three words.

In the eight years that I have owned L’Affichiste I have been lucky to work with some amazing young women. They have guided me, humoured me, and helped me. Although I can manage the gallery on my own, their exuberance, excellence and enthusiasm has brought both myself and my business to a better (and certainly more contemporary!) place.

After three dedicated years, Amanda will be leaving L’Affichiste at the end of this week. Her unfailing cheerfulness and bright smile, coupled with an exceptional analytical mind and an eye for detail have made her not only a wonderful employee, but also a woman I am proud to call my friend. In the countless hours that we have spent together she has exhibited great organizational skills (to counterbalance my often great disorganization), an unerring eye for design (it was she that found the charming Mads Berg and brought him to Montreal), and a loyalty that is both touching and endearing. In short, I love Amanda and I will miss her.


But, Amanda being Amanda, she has left us voluminous how-to files and notes clarifying the things that might need explanation. She has been – as she always is – meticulous and I’m pretty confident that we will continue along and make her proud.


Amanda’s departure is not the only change that we are experiencing. As of April 1 we will be launching a pop-up shop in Griffintown to better serve our clients in that part of the city. In tandem with Benoit Lacas, whose eponymous shop Ludovik (located on Notre Dame near Mountain street) we will be featuring posters and prints that are loft-friendly and contemporary. Of course, we will still be active in Old Montreal with our regular clients and inventory – we’ll just be active in two places at the same time!

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