Black and White and Red all over … New (vintage) Cycling Posters @ L’Affichiste

I’m always happy to provide our cycling clients with posters that honour their passion and celebrate their conveyance of choice. Whether you ride a Giant, are a huge fan of the Road Bike Party, or just like to cycle around the neighbourhood, our selection of new (vintage) cycling posters will no doubt appeal!

Sophie Labayle Cycles1

A lovely, largely black and white French poster from the early 1980s would provide a great design focus for almost any room in the house. The simple red typography could be accented by the use of a red frame, or, if you prefer something more pristine, black laqueur or a light white wood frame could be used as well.

(Did you notice the silhouetted design on the shaft of the bike above the word ‘cycles’? Some of the posters we like best are those with similarly hidden details …)Bicyclette le moyen de transport economique1Bicyclette Seul Moyen de Transport Gratuit1

These two banner posters were part of a series produced in France in the 1950s to promote bicycles as a means of free and healthy transportation. All of the posters in the series were the same size, all of them are colorful and happy, and every time we are fortunate enough to find them, they rapidly find new homes as they seem to be super-popular with our clients.

Cycle Clement red woman1

Clement 1

I’m in love with this series of posters for Cycles Clement. Intended to show how universal the brand was – it could even be used by women! – these vibrant posters from the late
1890’s/early 1900’s are highly collectable, very rare and quite perfect. Sold individually, I think they would look fabulous if purchased and hung together – right next to that bike rack of Biancis, Colnagos, and De Rosas. (If you’d like to find out more about hybrid road bikes, you can do so here, and if you’d like to find out about something called ‘mechanical doping’, check out this link … who knew?)

Griffon BB1.JPG

There’s something so Doris Day about the woman in this poster … the bouncy hair perhaps? Her ride, a Griffon, looks perfectly suited to both her outfit and her personality. Like many other companies, Griffon built both bicycles and motorcycles, originally fitting an engine to one of their bicycle models. Development was rapid, and by 1903 they presented 10 different models at the Paris Show. Racing success followed, and in 1904 one of their machines achieved the (then!) astonishing speed of 65 mph. After more than a quarter of a century, having led the field in competition and built many fine road machines, the company was absorbed by Peugeot in the late 1920s. Peugeot built machines under the Griffon marque until 1956.

And just in case you’re wondering what I look like on a bike – my son took this photo of me not that long ago. I thought I looked calm, cool and collected (kind of like Doris on her Griffon), but evidently … Not.

Karen bike

Whether you cycle 5000 kilometers a summer (you know who you are), or look like me on a hand-me-down bike, I’m sure you’ll find something to love in our new selection of bicycle posters … and if you use the discount code BIKE10 at checkout, I’ll give you 10% off!

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