The Annual L’Affichiste Grateful List

Every year, right around this time, I start to compile a list of things for which I am grateful, and this year is no exception.

  1. I am very grateful to the City of Montreal for giving us a one-year respite on rebuilding the street where L’Affichiste is situated. Last year, from Grand Prix weekend in mid-June until Christmas Day, we had a crew of men, tons of debris, no sidewalk and lots of Montreal’s world-famous orange cones.
    This year, as a tribute the Montreal’s 375th anniversary, there was – Hallelujah – none of that.

Which brings me to…

  1. I am thankful that this year was the best year I have had in business. First-time tourists to the city, return customers, regular fans, Instagram followers – you’ve all made this year one to remember and I thank each and every one of you for that!Gallery photo 2016.11.17
  2. I am exceptionally grateful to my new friend Jeremy Aynsley for helping me in every conceivable way with my recently published book Beyond Poster Art in Vienna: The Life and Art of Julius Klinger. Jeremy graciously wrote the forward to the book, invited me to take his two-week Masters Seminar at the New School in New York and was kind enough to involve me in his Klinger exhibition at the Wolfsonian. Thank you Jeremy!29-jeremy-aynsley
  3. L’Affichiste is open 7 days a week, almost 365 days a year. That is only possible because I have the great good fortune to work with a talented group of young people, let by the incredibly efficient and lovely Lilian. Lil has worked with me for three years and has, in that time, learned a great deal about posters, poster galleries and just what it takes to help keep a poster gallery owner happy. She is dependable, good-natured, and proactive and I am grateful to have her on the team.IMG_5133-01-02-01

    Dana, our latest addition, is my favorite partner in dumpling addiction and is has become very posterific in a very short period of time.

    Desiree, Danijela, Ariella, Nathaniel and Alison were also part of the team this year and I am thankful for their contributions to helping make L’Affichiste an Old Port shopping destination.

  4. We’ve continued to enjoy great press coverage – in France, Austria, and the United States. The book generated good reviews, the exhibition is world-class, and our Instagram followers keep telling us we are the reason they’ve chosen to visit Montreal. We are truly blessed, and we know it.
  5. My son Giulian makes me proud every day. I am grateful for his love, his wisdom and for the fact that he is able to make me laugh at myself. Often.So, as this year comes to a close and next year (when the City will once again begin rebuilding St. Francois Xavier Street) is just beyond the next snowbank, I thank you all for continuing to support L’Affichiste and for permitting to work at a job I love every day.Happy holidays!

    xo Karen

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