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I’m always happy to provide our cycling clients with posters that honour their passion and celebrate their conveyance of choice. Whether you ride a Giant, are a huge fan of the Road Bike Party, or just like to cycle around the neighbourhood, our selection of new (vintage) cycling posters will no doubt appeal!

Sophie Labayle Cycles1

A lovely, largely black and white French poster from the early 1980s would provide a great design focus for almost any room in the house. The simple red typography could be accented by the use of a red frame, or, if you prefer something more pristine, black laqueur or a light white wood frame could be used as well.

(Did you notice the silhouetted design on the shaft of the bike above the word ‘cycles’? Some of the posters we like best are those with similarly hidden details …)Bicyclette le moyen de transport economique1Bicyclette Seul Moyen de Transport Gratuit1

These two banner posters were part of a series produced in France in the 1950s to promote bicycles as a means of free and healthy transportation. All of the posters in the series were the same size, all of them are colorful and happy, and every time we are fortunate enough to find them, they rapidly find new homes as they seem to be super-popular with our clients.

Cycle Clement red woman1

Clement 1

I’m in love with this series of posters for Cycles Clement. Intended to show how universal the brand was – it could even be used by women! – these vibrant posters from the late
1890’s/early 1900’s are highly collectable, very rare and quite perfect. Sold individually, I think they would look fabulous if purchased and hung together – right next to that bike rack of Biancis, Colnagos, and De Rosas. (If you’d like to find out more about hybrid road bikes, you can do so here, and if you’d like to find out about something called ‘mechanical doping’, check out this link … who knew?)

Griffon BB1.JPG

There’s something so Doris Day about the woman in this poster … the bouncy hair perhaps? Her ride, a Griffon, looks perfectly suited to both her outfit and her personality. Like many other companies, Griffon built both bicycles and motorcycles, originally fitting an engine to one of their bicycle models. Development was rapid, and by 1903 they presented 10 different models at the Paris Show. Racing success followed, and in 1904 one of their machines achieved the (then!) astonishing speed of 65 mph. After more than a quarter of a century, having led the field in competition and built many fine road machines, the company was absorbed by Peugeot in the late 1920s. Peugeot built machines under the Griffon marque until 1956.

And just in case you’re wondering what I look like on a bike – my son took this photo of me not that long ago. I thought I looked calm, cool and collected (kind of like Doris on her Griffon), but evidently … Not.

Karen bike

Whether you cycle 5000 kilometers a summer (you know who you are), or look like me on a hand-me-down bike, I’m sure you’ll find something to love in our new selection of bicycle posters … and if you use the discount code BIKE10 at checkout, I’ll give you 10% off!


At the cusp of September, I eagerly await all the leaves looking spicy and textured, and Montreal looking like it’s blushing.

During the summer, I typically gravitate towards cool tones (in style and art-preference alike), to offset the heat I wish I knew how to handle more elegantly. Elegance is one thing I practised here, working at L’Affichiste, while trying to keep up with Karen and Lilian, who were overly kind and helpful from the very start.

I wonder sometimes what possessed me to interview for this job wearing what was essentially a Hawaiian shirt under a sweater, but Karen and Lilian saw some promise in me nonetheless. Since May, they have guided me to be the best gallerista I could be, and taught me that this journey of progress is an ongoing one.

This was a job I found so engaging, socially and mentally, trying to match customers with the posters of their dreams. I ended up matchmaking myself at certain points – an inevitability, with so many stunning pieces.

I thought I’d list a few of my favourites ; my selection actually intrigued me because it deviated from my initial expectations of preferring very minimalist art. I’m not sure exactly what that means in terms of what I learnt here, but I’ll say that working at L’Affichiste has opened my mind to new patterns and colours, both literally and metaphorically.

The landmark poster was Mads Berg’s Prosecco – a fan favourite that drew people in, cooing at the glamorous boat lady in the shawl. I practised describing her what felt like a hundred times a day, she was so popular. But who is she? I still wonder. My fondness for her starts with the beautiful combination of that crisp blue and a juicy, burnt orange. I wouldn’t have ever put those two colours together until that poster, and now I am a happy convert. My love of orange continues with the Dutch Art Nouveau poster “Instituut Overtoom”. Its magical, smooth graphics in the mushroom/light orange/faded black colour scheme completely enchants me.

See more stunning Mads Berg posters here, and grab the magnificent Instituut Overtoom while you still can!

I cannot fully describe my experience here without mentioning my introduction to Botero, and his irresistible voluptuous figures. A mix of parody, humour, and political commentary in fantastic and funny oversized characters ? Divine!

Discover Little Eyolf and more minimalist posters!

“Watercolours and Drawings” is a gorgeous black and white poster that is nothing short of darling. Find the charming Botero here!

My main return to minimalism happened with a theatre poster, for the play “Little Eyolf” by Henrik Ibsen. I love the red on this poster, I love the quiet but strong drama of the profile. The plot of the play was the cherry on top – I’m a sucker for intensity.

L’Affichiste has been an absolute blast – a new life experience I’ll cherish forever. I encountered so many beautiful and interesting people, including Karen and Lilian as well as my fellow coworkers. I thank everyone, customers and the L’Affichiste team alike, for allowing for me to have such a lovely time here. And I hope you’ll see me around sometime in the future!

Until then,



I’ve written about the Olympics before (check here and here), but somehow watching athletes of all nations parading (and in this case, samba-ing) into the Maracanã stadium never gets old. Rio means heat, samba, teeny-tiny bikinis, and a bunch of new tear-jerking ads by companies like Visa.

When – other than two weeks in the summer every 4 years or so – do arcane sports like archery get top billing on television sets around the world?

I never tire of seeing Michael Phelp’s magnificently sculpted body swim farther and faster than anyone else … and I think it’s pretty cool that a 31-year old new dad brings his baby to the pool. (Wanna see how good he is? Check here and here)

It’s no surprise that the American female gymnastics team brought home the gold – they were favoured by many odds-makers – but perhaps you didn’t know that this was the last Olympics for the famed Martha Karolyi. She and her husband Bela have worked with the team for decades. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they definitely get results.

I’m not going to post the video of the poor gymnast who broke his leg on the vault (although the bewilderment on his face was priceless), nor will I take sides on the doping scandals (although I do think they are scandalous) …

Years ago while travelling from here to there I sat next to an interesting man who was in charge of a global anti-doping agency. We talked – as travellers do – without too many filters, and although he was very vague, I had the sense then that things were going to heat up in the doping world. Lo and behold, here we are … The Russians claim they’ve been framed, the world believes the Soviets have been caught, and historians just chuckle because this is neither the first, nor the last, Olympic scandal.

We have a selection of some pretty fantabulous Olympic posters from Munich, Montreal and Moscow. As a special bonus for our loyal blog-readers (and in celebration of Rio), for the month of August (2016) we’re offering 10% off our Olympic posters.

So, make yourself an ice-cold caipirinha, put on some sexy samba music, and enjoy the show. After all – it only happens once every four years! 🙂