New year, new faces and… posters still vintage!

Amidst measles outbreaks, hockey parent brawls and frozen sidewalks, a new recruit has been added to l’Affichiste’s team! I bring to you –drumroll– myself, Allie, fresh off the street… well mostly fresh out of school if you want to be specific. As a matter of fact, the lines I am writing to you here are one of my very first poster-related assignments.

I have been tasked, by poster queen Karen Etingin, to introduce myself to the Poster Romance aficionados (you know who you are!).


1998 Original Polish Poster, Etiuda International Film Festival – Mieczysław Górowski


So here goes a most egocentric post: Born in Montreal, moved to Marseille, France as a wee child where I went on to spend many many years until deciding to make a U-turn and head back to Quebec to live as a full blown adult(ish). Done with Masters in museology and ready for a new challenge, I decided it was high time to seek out new and exciting employment opportunities. I must admit I was not familiar with the gem that is l’Affichiste but the more I read about it (including on this here blog!) the more I felt we would be a perfect match for each other. Posters? Vintage? Art, design and history? Count me in!


1950’s Original French Pastis/Ricard from Marseille Art Deco Poster – Ricard “Cinq volumes d’eau”

A drink dear to my heart, best enjoyed on a sunny terrasse!

Posters have been a part of my life in some way shape or form for as long as I can remember, from a reproduction of Steinlen’s Tournée du Chat Noir hanging in my childhood bedroom, to my younger self roaming the gritty streets of Marseille at sundown with a brush and a bucket of glue helping my boyfriend put up posters for the very underground, very sweaty music shows he was constantly organizing… and even the (very occasional) amateur poster designed by yours truly!

It comes with no surprise that I felt instantly drawn in to the gallery, with its poster covered walls and its “pile/hill”, a mountain of posters (originals, always!), each one more beautiful, quirky and enticing than the next. Sure, it has only been 4 short days, but I have yet to find one that isn’t exciting to stare at and wonder about.

And what’s more, with great posters come great women! Both Karen and Eloïse have been nothing but patient, generous and kind and I very much look forward to working with the  fascinating and energetic Camille and Minji. Once I get a grasp on things, I hope to be a useful addition to l’équipe and to contribute to the flourishing of an already fabulous and unique Montreal gallery!



1899 Original Art Nouveau French Pochoir, Nos Actrices, Lucienne Breval – Cappiello

Doesn’t Cappiello’s Lucienne Breval look like she would fit in perfectly as a gallerista?


So there you have it. Come in and say hello!

Oh and we promise to keep the blog updated regularly. We really do.


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