The L’Affichiste team of elves (that’s me with the list, Lilian next to me, Emily holding all the boxes, Alison directing the team, and Kate … well, Kate is in the basement wrapping up orders)


has been working feverishly, putting together not only some great gift ideas, but also searching far and wide for some Christmas cheer. We’ve gone to the UK to check in on some great holiday-inspired ads (or adverts as they are called over there), and found this, this and our favourite).

This year we’re thinking gift sets. SO much better than the Old Spice soap-on-a-rope sets that you saved up to buy your dad when you were little, and the slippers he still keeps in the closet (his way of showing you he loves you), but something a little more grand and a lot more fun.

How about a matted vintage chocolate card circa 1900 (they were the precursors for baseball cards) and a lovely bar of chocolate, wrapped beautifully together and delivered to an office colleague with a sweet tooth?

We have individual chocolate cards at $75, and charming sets of chocolate cards (all vintage of course!) from $150 – $250. For $25 more, we’ll add the chocolate and pay for the shipping in the continental US and Canada* or delivery if it’s in Montreal. At that price, you might want one for every colleague in the office!

We have hundreds of Art Deco wine labels, framed and ready to hang in a kitchen, dining room, bar … they even look great in the bathroom! And when paired with a bottle of wine, they make a great gift for the banker, lawyer or doctor on your list.**

The framed labels are usually $175 all on their own, but for this Christmas, we will add the wine – gratis – and deliver it for free anywhere on the island of Montreal. Essentially, a $225 value for $175. Doesn’t get better than that!


I love the tag line of the Burberry 2016 ad “People come to me with their dreams” (you can see the video here). My dream for the last five years was to write and publish a book about Julius Klinger, a prolific (and prolifically talented poster artist whose work spanned the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods). Five years later, that dream has come true. The book is available on our website at $70, but for Christmas we are offering it at $50. It’s beautiful, colourful, and will make a great gift for anyone who likes art, posters, history and design. (While quantities last)


(No, we’re not selling Mads himself, but he’s such a handsome devil that I thought we’d put his pic up anyway…)

From now until Christmas we are offering a 3 for 2 sale on Mads Berg, Montreal Olympics, and Montreal Opera posters. Buy two, get one free (While quantities last!), just use promo code 3FOR2 at checkout! This is a great way to collect some of the posters you’ve been checking out on the website (we don’t blame you!) – you could even buy two for yourself and give the third as a gift. (Now there’s a thought!) To see the full list of available posters, visit our website here. Any questions? E-mail us at

We’re making our list and checking it twice and you should too… Tell us who’s on yours, what you’d like to send them, and we’ll do the rest. We might even put on a big furry suit and skate it right over – just like these guys.

Happy holidays everyone!


If you’d like to order any of our Christmas gift sets, leave your name, e-mail, and which set you’re interested in, and we’ll get right back to you!


*Some restrictions apply.

**Because of restrictions for shipping alcohol outside the province of Quebec, this fabulous gift idea is limited to clients within the province.

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