All Klinger all the time!

From Poster Art in Vienna (1923) and available here.

Big news – at least for me! – THE BOOK IS DONE! After five years and as many false starts, my tome on Julius Klinger is about to go to the printer. Although I am not one to toot my own horn (too much) I will say that I am proud of the final result.

From a recent photo shoot at home, one of my favourite Klingers…

I’ve written many times about my love for and admiration of Julius Klinger (you can see some blog posts here, here, and here), who is not to be confused with Max Klinger from MASH (if you’re too young to get that reference you can see what I’m talking about here) … for the past five years he’s been the most constant male presence (aside from Giulian and our handsome hound PerceE) in my life.

This is the book cover (!!) Thanks Max Miron for this and for a beautiful, fabulous and amazing book that looks EXACTLY as I wished it to…
For Poster Art in Vienna (1923) and available here.

I’m excited to (self) publish the book, and excited too by the fact that the book appears to have triggered not one, but two Klinger exhibitions. One will be held at the Wolfsonian (at Florida International University) and will be curated by Jeremy Aynsley (you can read about him here) who was kind enough to write the foreword for my book (thank you Jeremy), and the other (fingers crossed) at the Dutch Poster Museum in Hoorn, Netherlands (working to put that together as I write this…).

For Poster Art in Vienna (1923) and available here.

It’s been a long, fascinating, aggravating and ultimately very rewarding journey. I hope Klinger would like it – I know I do!

As soon as the book is available , we will be selling it online through

Stay tuned!


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