New Year’s Resolutions

1.     Exercise more, eat less. (Or was that exercise less and eat more? I never remember.)

2.     Be less judgmental – not everyone can be as perfect as I am.

New-Years-Resolution-Cartoon-113.     Finish the Klinger book and put together the exhibition.

The writing and editing of the book is actually finished (thank God!), but the fine-tuning, fact checking and catalog raisonné are not. Soon soon. I think I can see the proverbial light at the end of tunnel – either that or a train is gonna run me over real soon.

klinger4.     Be kinder – to myself and to those I love.

5.     Write blog posts more frequently. I really admire bloggers like my friend Vanessa Sicotte of Damask & Dentelle who write frequently (in English and French), and writes well. (Here is one of her recent missives about her son) Usually I just stare off into space hoping for inspiration, like the turn of the century letter writer pictured here

6.     Solve the Middle East political crisis (kind of like this).

7.     Stop making resolutions I can’t keep.



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