My 2014 Gratefulness List

I’ve written before about how, as I’ve gotten older, I have learned to be more grateful. It is, I think, important – essential – to identify the people, places and things that make you happy, so that you can search them out and hold them close. We spend so much time looking for better, more, different, that we sometimes forget that the things we seek are right in front of us…

Family. I come from a traditional family: 2 parents, 2 kids and a dog. My own definition of family – that is to say the family I created – is anything but traditional. Aside from Giulian, I’ve had two husbands, three step-kids, 2 mother-in-laws, lots of dogs, and a few horses… I once read a definition of family as the place where you can always return to after no one else will take you in. To know that there are people who love you well, because of who you are and almost in spite of yourself … that’s the essence of family.

2007, Contemporary Poster “Family” – Walenta

Dogs of limited intelligence and endless love. My two dogs are not easy animals: PerceE has a short-circuit somewhere in his brain which seemingly requires him to growl and bare his teeth at most dogs that cross his path (also at humans). Bella on the other hand, wants to befriend anything on two or four legs. Challenging to walk these beasts … particularly on icy roads or streets. They are, I will admit, not the smartest dogs in the pack. But what they lack in intelligence, they make up for in loyalty, love and sheer goofiness. Can’t live without my dogs.

2011 Original Poster, Exhibition for Publicité Sauvage (Dog) – Paprika for Publicité Sauvage

L’Affichiste. I am grateful to be able to do something I love. L’Affichiste – its walls, its staff, its clients – provides me with endless entertainment (visual and intellectual), and constant stimulation. I feel very fortunate to be part of a larger community of people who are as crazy about posters as I am, and feel lucky to consistently be able to find motivated, determined and cheerful young people to help me mind the store.

Photo credit: Christian Blain/Uppercase Magazine

Julius Klinger. I often joke that when I ‘met’ Julius Klinger I fell in love with a man who died over 70 years ago. Long story short, or as my French friends say, bref, through my work with posters I discovered the work of this immensely talented graphic designer and have been immersed in his work ever since. The book is in its last draft, Amanda is almost finished the catalog raisonné and if the stars align, we’ll have it published this year. Inshallah.

1913 Karikaturisten Ball im Admiralspalast, Julius Klinger

Hot Yoga. I don’t know how I ever lived without it. I’m not sure I’ll ever be as slim and graceful as the women who guide the classes, (although one can always dream) but it sure does calm the spirit and soul. Loving hot yoga.

Elephants. Don’t know how or why my obsessions with elephants began, but they make me smile. Knowing that there are organizations around the world that are working hard to preserve and protect this species (such as the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust), is comforting to me.

1930s Original French Art Deco Tin With Tax Stamp, Le Nil – Cappiello

As 2014 winds down I feel comfortable, confident and grateful. My life is blessed and I feel, as always very lucky. I wish for my family, my friends, and for all of you, good times, good health, and the energy and wisdom to enjoy both. Happy holidays!


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