Courtesy of, the long awaited answer to the question: “What is black and white and red all over?” (I’ve limited the answers to those that were – more or less – politically correct.)

A newspaper because it’s “read” all over (works better out loud);
A bleeding penguin;
A vampire/vampizene having a midnight snack;
A sunburned panda/skunk/zebra/penguin;
The Joker’s face;
A panda/skunk/zebra/penguin in a blender.

Black and white and red are colors that have been used by posterists for decades: originally letterpress posters were limited to one color (most usually black), but with the advent of lithography, red (and blue, and yellow, and and and … were integrated to great effect.) Still, it is those posters which use black and white and red that seem to have the most punch, the greatest pizzazz, and which lend a sense of vibrancy to any décor.

automoto pair

The gallery has lovely white walls to which we can affix posters (with magnets), and whenever we make a wall that features our black and white babies, folks are literally drawn in … they are easy to integrate into a home, an office, a restaurant – just about any space.


As I think about moving from my lovely Victorian home to a loft or condo, I am also thinking about the kind of art that I would like to surround myself with… and I’m drawn to the clean lines and simplicity of posters like our Theatre Actual Cocteau/Marais poster, or the sooty Ramonite chimney sweep … I see a large room, mostly white, with these posters providing a sense of ‘snap, crackle and pop’. Or maybe I’ll integrate out Pace Gallery Simulacres poster …. Just think: a new home, new walls, and endless possibilities… The mind boggles!


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