It’s Montreal. February. And it’s snowing. AGAIN.

So I decided that this week we are going to look at some of our favorite beach posters: mermaids, bathing suits, sailboats and warm weather spots. Because unlike my brother Greg, who wears shorts literally all winter long, some of us yearn for a day when the thermometer hovers well above zero.

P1130254_largeTwo French beach posters from the Art Deco period – great color, fab typography, and looking at the beauty on the left almost makes me feel … not quite so cold. You could look at these posters while listening to a song called the French Riviera by the (not so well-known and unfortunately named) Kyrgyz and Chechen Boys.

wil_wite_largeIt’s a real skill to be able to use negative space (a trick the German-American poster artist Lucien Bernhard called ‘addition by subtraction’) and we think that the Wil Wite poster on the left is a great illustration of that. As for the Hawaii poster, I’ve never been but it looks pretty… warm.

Mermaid_largeMermaids – now there’s a concept! I love both of these travel posters (the Gruau on the right is a classic) that we currently have in stock. I don’t remember how Daryl Hannah managed on dry land in the movie Splash, but she sure makes an argument for a mermaid costume next Halloween. (Mermaids seem to have a permanent attraction for young girls. If you’d like to see a compilation of mermaids in movies, click here)

splashI can’t be the only one who sings along with the radio in the car (although I may be one of the few dinosaurs who doesn’t plug my iPhone or iPod or iWhatever into the … wherever you would plug it in to) but if you need a fix of top summer songs, you can click here. Or maybe you could buy this fab poster advertising the thermal baths conveniently located in Nice, on the Cote D’Azur.

Nice_Thermal_largeEither way, we think you’ll warm up right quick – we have!

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