More Underground than the Underground

Hey Poster Romance readers! Laura here. Today we discovered an article on the quirky blog, messynessychic , which features a beautiful (and kind of eerie) underground display. Located in the Notting Hill Tube station of London, this cave-like nook was closed off when the station switched from older lifts to escalators, and was recently rediscovered by maintenance workers.

640x428x4669837848_653edd0b03.jpg.pagespeed.ic.0FnAbBG5Y8 Unfortunately for us, this time capsule is not available to the public, but we can gawk all we want from here.


With the modernization of the underground came more gorgeous posters advertising it. Here are what the Londoners of the time saw on their commute:


On the left: This gorgeous poster almost makes me wish it was raining! Those umbrellas are stellar.

On the right: a real copy of the Illustrated London News, once read by a commuting Londoner.


Because London weather was (and still is) wet and cold, the only place to read the news was in the underground on their way to work. Dating back to August 22nd 1914, this issue of the Illustrated London News was read by a commuter less than a month after World War 1 began.

Let us know your thoughts on treasures, rain and public transport in the comments. Until next time, poster romance-ers!

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