Sorry, I spent it on myself …


She definitely looks like she would have spent it on herself (or on a great pair of gloves. Or shoes…) I think he’d probably spend it on himself too, don’t you?

I used to work in marketing and advertising, which partially explains why great ads always make me smile. At this time of year, retailers and travel companies go to great lengths to engage their audiences. Here are some of my current favorites:

Marks and Spencer put together a great ad (which you can see here). It features an exceptionally yummy man who had somehow escaped my notice previously (imagine that?), but who I will now be on the lookout for. His name is David Gandy, and in addition to being quite handsome, he evidently writes for British Vogue. Who knew? You can find out more about his endeavor with that wonderful magazine here) If you want to see more of him (well, as much as I can show you on this family-friendly blog), go here.


I’m always curious about how they make these wonderous, wintry ads. If you are too, you can go here. I think our handsome penguin and dapper snowman would have made great props for the M+S ad, don’t you?

When it comes to aircraft safety ads, boredom is the word that most often comes to mind. Gotta hand it to the folks at Delta: someone’s gotta great sense of holiday humor. And a great sense of rhythm. Kudos!

Funny-holiday-dog-card-sayingNot the funniest ‘funny holiday photo’ I found when trolling the Internet, but most definitely the least offensive…

At the time of the year when everyone is encouraged to be generous and selfless, the British retailer Harvey Nichols has decided to buck the trend. I’m a fan.


One word: BRILLIANT!!

Most of you may be too young to remember the outrage when Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear. If you are, or if you arent, this ad’s for you.

Happy Holidays everyone!

L’Affichiste’s Holiday schedule:

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January 6th – Regular Gallery Hours Resume

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