Miley Cyrus, Nelson Mandela, Lance Armstrong and a few other 2013 notables…

At this time of the year people seem to want to look back at the last twelve months to determine the meaning of life, or, at the very least, the meaning of the last year. Trolling through the Internet, it seems that everyone has been inspired by a variety of people, trends and ideas… all of them different, and each of them so very 2013. Here are some that caught my eye:

Lady Gaga. Was. Everywhere. Wearing everything. Love her or hate her, you gotta admire her moxie – actually, I think she is the virtual personification of the word.


I truly can’t imagine what our lovely femme de 1897 would have thought of Miss Gaga (that’s a conversation I would have liked to overhear: “Mademoiselle Gaga, what is that you’re wearing??”)

To see a short video of truly inspiring women, here is a excerpt of Glamour’s recent awards ceremony awarding some of the female news-makers of 2013.


People who can run fast and well have always made me more than a little bit jealous. Usain Bolt makes it look effortless, easy, and (almost) fun. All by himself, he looks like one of our favorite sports posters on the left… Wanna see what I mean: click here.

Three words: Miley Cyrus Twerking. ‘Nuff said. (Did that word even exist before 2013??)


Classic dance on the left, less classic dance on the right. And if the image isn’t enough, here is buzzfeeds most important twerking moments of 2013.

When it’s too good to be true, most likely, it is … all those yellow jerseys, all the denials: too good to be true. Want to see what a liar looks like when he’s caught?


Although Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace was epic, our Pirelli Signorina from the 1960’s is still ecstatic with her ride.

I’ve written before – at length – about my admiration for Kevin Spacey. This year, with his Netflix hosted House of Cards, he changed the face of television. There is nothing he can’t do: impersonations, spoofs, Broadway, comedy … you name it, Kevin Spacey’s the guy. I would have liked to see him interact with Chaplin and/or Laurel and Hardy… wow, that would have been Netflix worthy in and of itself.


Not all Hollywood stars had a good year. For every Kim and Kanye (yeah, I don’t get it either), there was Reese Witherspoon’s withering arrest diatribe (which basically came down to “don’t you know who I am??”) Reese wasn’t the only one in ‘cuffs (oh stop it, even I won’t go down that road…), here are some other neer-do-wells and their 2013 arrests important arrests.


Our 1890s Grun heroine doesn’t look too upset to be taken away by her two favorite constables, does she?

Poor James Gandolfini. Taken way too soon… He always had a little smirk on his face (kind of like our favorite Opera de Montreal poster badboy), and he had great friends. Edie Falco’s tribute was moving and heartfelt. A great talent who will be missed.


Yes indeedy, my very old, very dear friend Alexander Payne seems to have done it again. His Nebraska won Bruce Dern best actor at Cannes… Oscar nominations haven’t been announced yet, but I think it’s a safe bet. For IndieWire’s other picks, click here. Alexander was also recently on George Stroumboulopoulos on CBC, you can catch that here.

Our ‘Neath Canadian Skies was, most definitely not even nominated for anything but it’s still one of our quirky favorite posters…


There are few men who have (or had) the power to change not only a nation, but the world. Nelson Mandela was one of those men. Soft-spoken but with a steely determination he survived imprisonment, harsh conditions, a difficult marriage, and yet always managed to portray himself in a dignified, articulate and measured manner. A thoughtful obituary can be found here


Rest in peace.

I wonder what the trends and memorable folks from 2014 will be…

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