Winter in Montreal, Frosty the Snowman and chilly possibilities…

Although winter took it’s own sweet time to arrive in Montreal, I think it is now safe to say that it is definitively here to stay. We’ve already experienced that first “Wow – the snow is So beautiful!” moment, and have moved rapidly into, “Careful! It’s icy out there! Don’t slip!”. For the record, the transition from the former to the latter takes less than a day.

winter blog 1
A very happy, dapper snowfellow from Switzerland seems to be waving to the downhill skier in our classic Peter Ewart CP poster…

If you grew up in Canada, or in the North Eastern US, you most likely also grew up with Frosty the snowman specials on TV, Friday night treks up (or down, depending) to the cottage, and the occasional school closures due to snowstorms (every school-age child’s dream).

winter blog 2
We are Steve Thomas fanatics! We love his sense of humor (slightly twisted and wacky, like ours!), his illustrations, and his great use of color…

I rarely have the time (or inclination) to watch Christmas specials anymore, but if you absolutely need to know when the Glee Christmas extravaganza is going to air, the Huffington Post has put together a rather exhaustive list of what’s on (you can find it here). When I can, I try to cook or bake for the holidays – it’s what an old friend used to call “kitchen therapy”, and for me, it works very well.

winter blog 3
Yes, we know – not technically winter posters, BUT wine keeps us warm and so does anything sweet… so, we’re including them in our top ten for that reason…

(Jamie Oliver is my go-to guy for quick and easy recipes, holiday or any day. Here are some of his seasonal recommendations)

Lange_6x_Worldcup-35.5x22.5_largeMy skiing days are – thankfully – behind me. I was a competent, steady skier: I almost always made it down the hill in about twice as much time as anyone I was skiing with, but I did always make it down the hill. Towards the end of my so-called skiing ‘career’, the vintage aspect of my skis and ski attire were the source of much merriment (for others at least), and so, when I finally decided that the time was up, no one was very surprised.

winter blog 4I did ski at Chamonix – a million moons ago – and at the time, thought I was very chic and soignee. Now, I think I would probably look a lot like the lady at right: hopelessly out of date, marginally overweight, and just so… wrong.

winter blog 5SuperPyro is still one of my all time favorite winter posters: it’s happy, it’s silly, and it makes you think of that first day of winter I talked about at the top of this article: the one where the snow is white, the air is clear, and the world – while infinitely chillier – is still full of possibilities.

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