Our Inventory Goddess, Inuit Art, Stayin’ Cool and our new BFF…

Kristen is the Goddess of all that is inventory and book-keeping here at L’Affichiste. Kristen knows where everything is (if she can’t find it, we don’t have it), can always add a column of figures to consistently come up with the same total (me, not so much), and has the sunniest disposition of anyone I know.

1936 American Poster - White Swimwear Anonymous
1936 American Poster – White Swimwear Anonymous

I could totally picture Kristen smiling while – with only one hand – waterskiing in a semi-invisible bathing suit…When Kristen isn’t helping make our lives easier, she is working with our friend Mark London. Mark and I go way back – his mother, Elca, sold some of my grandmother’s sculptures in her gallery many, many moons ago – and so when he said he was looking for some part-time help in the gallery, I told him about Kristen. The rest, as they say, is history. (See? I can share. Sometimes.)


Kristen’s rescue, Didi, really likes these posters…

I am beginning to think that I need to thank Mark for keeping me –almost singlehandedly – abreast of pop culture. When I share Mark’s Facebook posts, and links, everybody all of a sudden thinks I’m cool (which, of course, I am). Who would have thought that the simple act of putting together Kristen and Mark (in a purely professional sense), would have led to this?

 Pre-Mark, I would have thought this was cool:

1953, Radiomatic Car Radios - P. Dumont
1953, Radiomatic Car Radios – P. Dumont

Now I know better. This is infinitely more of the moment. (Thanks Mark.)

1940s Original French Art Deco Poster, Radio Fornett
1940s Original French Art Deco Poster, Radio Fornett

Before Mark, this Art Deco period Radio Fornett poster was, to me, the height of technological savvy (circa 1930). Who knew technology could make you cry? Mark did. Watch this:


I think Kristen has the best of both worlds: a kinda-but-not-quite-cool boss who sells vintage posters, and another boss (who sells Inuit Art ) who is veritable wealth of pop-culture information. And how lucky are we? Both of get the benefit of spending our days with a young woman with an incredible laugh, some stunning tattoos,and an incredible willingness to learn. Win win win!

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