Laura’s Top Ten

Hi! My name is Laura, and I am the newest employee here at l’Affichiste. I am currently a Creative Arts student at Marianopolis College, and I love being surrounded by such beautiful posters at work. Here are my picks!

rivals-at-the-helm-vintage-poster_large1. Rivals at the Helm:

This poster has always caught my eye because of its subtle familiarity. As a child, I remember having an Italian poster of a similar looking woman riding a red vespa. The graphics are angular yet inviting, and the woman’s longing is perfectly captured with minimal detail.

IMG_3858_large2. Alberto Bali Architecture Poster

The thoughtful composition of this poster is what originally caught my eye. The integration of the strong graphics on the left with the realistic clouds on the right is seamless; and very difficult to accomplish with these two styles.

el-secreto-de-una-camelia-label_large3. El Secreto De Una Camelia Advertisement

I like this poster because of the strength of its colours. The pink layered with the orange is almost blinding, bringing excitement and wonder to the lipstick advertised. The 20’s style chevron brings the viewer back to this exciting decade of growth and innovation.

apricot-brandy-and-various-ads-mercier-and-tolmer-vintge-poster_large4. 1920s French Art Deco Poster: Apricot Brandy

Once again, the bright pinks have caught my eye. The flowers are mesmerizing and perfectly contrasted- especially on that black background.

P1150331_large-15. 1930s Italian Art Deco Carton, Chinato Contratto Advertisement – Chiarel

This poster is especially interesting because of its brave text integration. Rarely do we see such dimension and excitement in letters; and this poster certainly sucks us in to the beautiful sunset in the background. When I look at this poster, I can feel the paradise illustrated.

cannes30.5x47_large6. Cannes SEM

When I started working here, this was the first poster I fell in love with. The artist, Georges Goursat, has perfectly blended the simple, natural flora with the modern sans-serif block letters. This poster lets the viewer know that Cannes is beautiful and peaceful, but also cool and fun.

Big_Brother_14x20_large7. Original 1967 Rock Poster (1st edition), Family Dog Series – Big Brother and the Holding Co. at the Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco

This poster has all my favorite colours in it. I love the bright and exciting shades integrated through the concentrated patterns. The woman in the middle is especially intriguing and inviting.

Man_with_head_in_ground_large8. Original Polish Exhibition Poster, Gombrowicz in Theater – Gorowski

Poland is (by far) my favourite region for art. It is impossible not to notice a polish poster; their subject matter never fails to leave an impression. The oddities of a polish poster are brave and unlike anything else, incorporating inappropriate and bizarre images.

IMG_7236_large9. 1980s Polish Poster, Promieniowanie Ojcostwa – Starowieyski

Although this poster is bright in composition, something about it makes it feel post-apocalyptic. Also a polish poster, the breaking of artistic barriers is evident in this piece. One wouldn’t normally add an eyeball into the sunset (very 1984), but I love it nonetheless.

Polish-Zoo-Elephant_large10. Polish Zoo Poster

I am very sad that most of these have sold; but their beauty is inevitable. These posters are graphic and wonderful; showcasing the animals at the Chorzow Zoo in Poland.

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