I am a (semi)reformed vintage poster snob….

I have written (often!) about how when I opened the gallery I was an unrepentant poster snob*: if it wasn’t Art Nouveau, it wasn’t vintage poster art. I ultimately mellowed and permitted Art Deco pieces to invade some of the gallery walls, and now (horrors!) we even have some contemporary posters too. Hey listen, whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks hadn’t met me.


Kristina – the gallery director at L’Affichiste – has been very helpful in introducing me to current poster artists and trends. It was she who knew of Moniker, a Montreal-based silkscreen collective (not to be confused with gulag-style farm collectives), whose aim is to create limited run artistic posters for contemporary musical acts.

grizzle-bearavett-brothers tokyo-police

We happen to really like these posters: they are colorful, quirky, not expensive, and limited editions. Doesn’t get better than that.

Another group of posters that falls into the ‘colorful, quirky, not-too-expensive’ category would be our Steve Thomas posters. These posters are so fun that folks often buy more than one… We call them retro-futuristic and we love them.

Steve Thomas
Steve Thomas
Steve Thomas

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