Home Again!

Wow – what a week! Although Kristina and I have realized that all of our weeks are jam-packed, last week really was a marathon. Having to move every item out of the gallery so that the dust and debris of the stonework taking place outside of the gallery didn’t hurt our ‘babies’ , and then having to move back in made us realize that we have actually outgrown our space. So, in the middle of the week we decided to take an additional space upstairs for storing and shipping. (We always giggle when someone asks to speak to our ‘shipping department’: shipping? That’s me. Purchasing? Uhm, yup, me too. Customer Service? Well, that would be me… You get the picture…)

We’re so happy to be back in our home(s) and promise to put up some great images, good stories and news just as soon as we finish unpacking. For now, we’re happy to report that spring seems to finally be here in Montreal. Woohoo!!


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