Kristina’s Poster Picks.

Writing this post was much harder than expected. Not only has the gallery been tremendously busy this past month and spare time  almost non-existant, but a different poster seems to catch my eye whenever I look up from my work. I spend my days surrounded by these great works of art and yet I seem to notice something new everytime I look at one of them. Just when interest in one poster has grown firm roots in my mind a fresh arrival takes its place or it grows wings and leaves our nest. I’ve had many tearful goodbyes with some which I have admired and longed to take home since I started at L’Affichiste. Here is my pick of posters that are still currently in the gallery. .

1) Maitres de L’Affiche – Hankar, Architecte – Adolphe Crespin (1897)

1897l French Art Nouveau Poster, Paul Hankar, Architecte by Adolphe Crespin
1897 French Art Nouveau Poster, Paul Hankar, Architecte

There is such smart design at work here. I can stare at it for hours and never get tired.

2) Cachou Lajaunie – Leonetto Cappiello (1920s)

Art Deco Poster by Cappiello!
Art Deco Poster by Cappiello!

On my first day at the gallery, this poster hung above my work space. I can never find a picture that really does her justice, so you will have to take my word for it if you have never seen her in person – she is big, beautiful, and simply breathe-taking! I was a newbie in the world of vintage posters at the time, but she had me completely sold!

3) Journee du Poilue – Willette (1915)

French War Poster
French War Poster.

I just think Willette captures this powerful moment, when the poilu (soldier) is reunited with his love, brilliantly. Even the dog is ecstatic!

4) Expo 67 – Britain in Montreal (1967)

Britain in Montreal!
Britain in Montreal!

Expo 67 may not mean a whole lot to people who didn’t grow up in Montreal, but the World’s Fair that was held here during the summer of 1967 has marked our architectural and cultural landscapes forever. Even if it happened before their time, as is my case, all Montrealers have heard the retelling of this hallmark moment of the baby boomer generation countless times as they grew up.

5.  Polish Movie Poster – Starowieyski (1977)

Polish Movie Poster
Polish Movie Poster

60s and 70s era Polish posters can be morbid and unsettling at times, BUT their eccentric and enigmatic imagery  will definitely grow on you! So much so that I couldn’t resist purchasing this one a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t quite decided where I will hang it (probably not the bedroom), but I will post pictures as soon as I do!


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