Have you been naughty this year?

There was a little girl

Who had a little curl

Right in the middle of her forehead

When she was good

She was very good indeed

But when she was bad she was horrid.

       -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


I have to admit that when I was a little girl, the idea of being naughty was much more appealing than the idea of being nice. Let’s be clear: I really was a good girl, but I always thought that bad girls most likely had more fun than good girls. (Still not sure I was entirely wrong….)

Bad girls (and bad boys) seem to carry themselves with self-assurance and panache: you can see it in the way they walk, their tendency to instantly check out everyone in their immediate vicinity and their disarming ability to make socially unacceptable behavior kind of … appealing.


1988 Original Contemporary Pop Art Poster, Sexy Woman – Nagel /

1988 Original Contemporary Pop Art Poster, Sexy Woman #2 – Nagel

Let’s face it: most of us follow the rules. So when we are presented with someone who doesn’t, and moreover, someone who doesn’t and doesn’t care that they don’t … well, at least to me, there is a certain attractiveness in that. (The only exception to this rule is when someone is trying so awfully hard to be ‘bad’ that it becomes what my son would call an Epic Fail. Like, for instance, here.)

Jason Statham is someone who doesn’t have to try too hard to be bad. His movies are all shoot-em-ups, with little or no discernable plot and ample opportunity for him to take his shirt off and show off a body he obviously works very hard to maintain. In terms of movie bad boys, he’s my pick. I gotta imagine he has some great stories to tell. Which, in a rather roundabout way, brings me to the point of this post:

For the holidays we are running a small contest where we are asking our Facebook friends to give us naughty or nice stories. The person who offers us the best story will get a framed art deco label. Pretty cool contest, no? So, spill the beans: tell us whether you’ve been a good girl, or a bad boy, and why. If we like your story best, we’ll put it up on posterromance and send you a lovely holiday gift, on us. Keep it short, keep it clean, and get cracking – the holidays are upon us!

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