How to keep your kids happy over the holidays… (read until the very end…)

It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays. I actually start harvesting gifts on Boxing Day and throughout the year, whenever I see something that I think would make a great gift, I buy it and put it aside for that special someone (the fact that I don’t always remember having done this is besides the point…).

Lately I’ve been thinking about gifts I’d like to give (OK, OK – also gifts I’d like to receive, but that’s another list entirely!) to the people I know and love. Which made me realize that it would most likely be a good idea to put together a list of suggestions for other folks who are beginning the challenging (and sometimes daunting) task of gift harvesting for the holidays. (Speaking of daunting and challenging, here is an interesting video on the pratfalls of giving gifts in lands other than your own)

So, starting with the little people on your list, here are five gift suggestions for kids:

1. We have all manner of small game sheets from the late 1800s and early 1900s. These highly colored sheets would have been intended to be glued to boards (much like a Monopoly or Risk set), but the ones we have are pristine (they were never glued to anything!), and spectacular. At around $100, they would make an excellent gift for a child’s room or nursery…

art de
1920s French Art Deco Vintage Poster, Oval: Girl with Rose / 1934 Italian Long Jump Illustration, Il Salto Degli Ostacoli

2. Need something larger and a little more impressive? How about an oversize movie poster? Think about all the wonderful stories a little girl could dream up (and of!) with Heidi in her room…

3. Need a baby gift? How about these lovely little matted pieces from 1927 @ $35 each? Originally designed as illustrations for a children’s book of French fairy tales, they are sweet and simple and ready to be framed. We’ve sold them to new moms (and grandmoms!), designers, and also to ladies looking for a perfect baby shower gift.

1927 French Art Deco Illustration, Margoton Goes To The Well – Petersham / 1927 French Art Deco Illustration, When Great Biron Wants To Dance – Petersham

4. Is your child sporty? Do you think you have a future Olympian in your midst? These wonderful, original and vintage Olympic posters are a great and inexpensive design solution for a teenager’s room at home, a dorm room, or even an exercise room. Inspiring and inexpensive – the perfect kind of gift! (When I was writing that, it reminded me of this. Now that’s inspiring…)

1976 Montreal Olympics Poster, Field Hockey /  1976 Montreal Olympics Poster, Fencing

For those early birds who are paying attention (and who mention this blog post), we will give you a 10% discount*, wrap your gift and ship it for free (as long as it’s in the US or Canada).  Kind of pays to make your list and check it (at least) twice, dontcha think??

*On almost everything. There are some exceptions (like the pieces we have on consignment), but otherwise, pretty much everything is included in this offer.

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