Making my list and checking it (at least) twice, or Here’s What I Want for the Holidays (read till the end…)

So, we’ve started thinking about the holidays (it’s never too early!), and I thought I should make a list of all the things I want to see in my (non-existent) stocking… just in case you were wondering what to get me! (And for those of you who might actually be looking for gifts for other folks, I’ve put in some of my favorite L’Affichiste pieces – hey, if I didn’t love them, I wouldn’t sell them!)

1.Tall, dark + handsome

I think Colin Firth is dreamy. Period. If he showed up at my holiday get-together, I can only imagine that the conversation would be sparkling, the laughter would be continuous and I’d feel like the luckiest woman in the world. He’s smart, he’s handsome, and that accent…. Well, I think Mr. Firth is a suitable choice for #1 on my list. (He gave a lovely interview that you can read here). I’m thinking that if he lived in the age of spats and monocles, he would have looked like one of the men in my colorful Dewachter poster.


2. Lingerie
Most women – me included – love lingerie. I think we imagine we’re gonna look something like this lovely dark-haired woman in one of our contemporary posters.

Here’s an article about what to look for when buying lingerie – for yourself or someone else…

3. Chocolates

Any woman who says she doesn’t like chocolate is either lying or diabetic. We all LOVE chocolate! There are some lovely little chocolatiers here in Montreal , like Genevieve Granbois at the Atwater market. Her chocolates are yummy, beautifully packaged and make great gifts.

1890s Original French Label, Gaston Joly Confectionary, Maison Modele Paris / 1890s Original French Confectionary Label, Mazet Fils Et Trouillet, Les Pompiers
(Kind of like our confectionary labels from around 1900… beautifully matted, ready to frame and deliciously detailed. Purchased in Italy, they look great alone or in a grouping…)

4. Wine – White, Red, Rosé…

I used to only drink red but I’ve learned to expand my tastes. I still like reds that are – as I have recently learned – ‘fruit forward’, and I know wine snobs think that rosés are plonk, but I think that a gift of wine, by the bottle, or even by the case, is a gift of refinement and class. Of course, posters of wine and spirits are also a reflection of refinement…

5. Travel

A few years ago, while on vacation, I met a couple who had decided that instead of exchanging gifts, they would exchange ‘experiences’ – vacations, adventures, concerts: intangible memories instead of unnecessary knick-knacks. I liked that idea and have tried to implement it when I can. I think that posters – particularly travel posters – have the ability to remind us of experiences shared with those we love, places we have visited, and memories we have formed over the years.

I’m going to keep thinking of my ideal wish list…. And don’t forget to tell Santa that I’ve been both naughty and nice…


For those early birds who are paying attention (and who mention this blog post), we will give you a 10% discount*, wrap your gift and ship it for free (as long as it’s in the US or Canada).  Kind of pays to make your list and check it (at least) twice, doncha think??

*On almost everything. There are some exceptions (like the pieces we have on consignment), but otherwise, pretty much everything is included in this offer.

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