10 Design-Related Sites That Inspire Us


I stumbled on to this Mexican branding agency during a Web trawl (actually I saw an immaculately conceived “Just in Case” survival kit they produced and instantly fell in love… you can see it here:

just in case
Just in Case!

Everything related to design – fashion, architecture, packaging, even interface design – it’s all there. One of my current faves is:

Lego inspired shoes
Lego Inspired Shoes!

Not to be confused with..

lego stilettos
Which I think look ridiculous!


I like everything about Sid Lee – the vibe, the product, the outlook, the whole deal.

“At Sid Lee we conceive and communicate brand experiences. We create products, services, spaces and mark them through advertising, experiential marketing, branded content and interactive communications. This integrated, multidisciplinary approach is something we call Commercial Creativity.” Yeah baby … there is not one project of theirs that I have seen that I don’t love. That’s saying something (what precisely I don’t know, but something, for sure…).


Art and beauty are the main inspirations behind Design Milk. It’s a little goofy – their recent story on Happy Pills (http://design-milk.com/happy-pills/?utm_source=designmilk&utm_medium=thumb&utm_campaign=bestof) is a personal favorite – and their photos are clear, plentiful and sublime. We’ve signed up for their newsletter and it is one that I actually read.

Happy Pills by Design Milk
Happy Pills!


Mrs. Lilien.

A stylist and designer with an amazing flair for self promotion (her site reads: “… a designer and stylist extraordinarista, she’s one in a million. She applauds luxury and anything red-letter. She delights in the good life because it’s just better! She’s daring, dashing, and somewhat dangerous. She’s fearless, flamboyant, and brilliantly boisterous. ) – I want to be just like her when I grow up. (But I don’t ever want to grow up… hhmm… conundrum).


Another site I subscribe to – in my perfect world I would actually love to live in one of their fancy homes, but for now it’s nice just to know they exist.


I love the way this site unfolds … it’s interactive in such an understated and totally effective way. Yup, I think I’m in love…

Pacific Wonderland – Edits Quarterly


I like this Swedish design site, in spite of (or maybe because of) it’s Swedish Chef type translations. (“For us to provide housing an entire lifestyle and we are really passionate for it.” What?) Clean lines, clean rooms, and lots of white… not for me as the Labradors – Bella and PerceE – would make quick work of it, but still, one can dream (in Swedish), right?


Clean design for contemporary posters and flyers…. Period.

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