Poster Romance Questionnaire – Eliza Struthers Jobin

Eliza is one of the most charming, happy-go-lucky, optimistic people you will ever meet. Her high-spirited nature is infectious, as is her energy, creativity, and general lust for life. When she is not busy on location for Check-Out Films or finishing her thesis in communication studies, Eliza can be found happily biking around the streets of Paris. Here she shares with us her views on achieving happiness and peace, while maintaining an extraterrestrial friendship.

The Poster Romance Questionnaire (with apologies to Proust and Vanity Fair):

 1. Where is it that you best express your creativity – the boardroom, the classroom, the bedroom or the kitchen?

Depends how you define creativity. Most of my drawings, paintings, writing and video editing happens on my bed. But I can get pretty creative with a bike too, usually on a street curb somewhere on Paris’ East bank.

2. An alien arrives on your doorstep. In a limited amount of time, you would like to introduce him to our culture and way of life. Which three places would you take him to, and why?

Well I would obviously have to show him Montreal, because that’s my home town and I love it. Preferably the alien would turn up during the summer too, so we could do the festival circuit.

Then I would take him to Iceland. I’m all about the stark contrasts. Also, I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland! Discovering a country together would probably facilitate our bonding, which could contribute to saving Earth from our lovely alien turning on us …

Last but not least, I would strap the alien onto my bike, and take him for a whirlwind ride around Paris. There’s nothing like weaving in and out of this city’s traffic at high speeds, and from a cultural standpoint, it definitely paints a pretty clear picture of what happens when too many people are crammed into a very small space.

3. How would you describe your present state of mind?

All over the place, ready for whatever is coming next, excited but scared (the good kind of scared…)

4. Six words that best describe you…

sensitive, happy-go-lucky, geeky, awckward, inspired, active!

5. Your new extra-terrestrial buddy asks for a definition of ‘happiness’ (a concept which does not exist on his planet). What would your definition be?

Not to sound like Oprah here, but I think happiness is a choice. It’s something to strive for always, especially when it’s seems difficult. It’s knowing that you’re in control of your own destiny.

6. If you were going to be confined to a space with four blank walls for a period of time, which kind of artwork would you like to bring with you?

I would bring fat tipped markers, paint bombs and tons of sequins and sparkles (what girl doesn’t enjoy a little sparkle,) and cover the walls with my own creations.

7.The alien wins $10 million in the lottery and asks for advice on what to do with it. What would you suggest?

Well, first I’d ask him what lottery he played, see how much he actually gets after taxes, and the tell him to spend it on tasting the best food money will buy, from as many different cultures we can find (because it’s always more fun fine dining with a friend).

8. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

 Being wittier! I’ve always dreamed of being at an aristocrat’s dinner party and wowing everyone with intelligent but entertaining discourse.

9. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

 It’s probably the thing that people reproach me for the most. I often get told “tu vois la vie en rose”, meaning I only see the good and the sweet in life, that I have rosy colored blinders on. But that’s false. I have lived through as many unpleasant moments as the next person. We’re all human! So I think my greatest achievement is that while I live those bad moments just as fully as I might live the good ones, I only reflect the good moments in my character and outlook on life.

10. Before returning to his planet – having decided Earth was no place for a sane extra-terrestrial – the alien asks one final question: how do you find peace on a place like Earth?

 I’d explain that just like happiness, peace is also a choice. One that not all earthlings make, especially those earthlings who are cursed with having lots of power. Peace is learning thrive in the chaos.

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