Vintage Posters from Spain, Tapas, A New Admirer & Great shoes …

Last summer I had the chance to spend a few days in Spain (Barcelona to be exact), and although I would have been happier if I actually spoke the language, I gotta say, this is one happening place. Spain is a country with a history of celebration and design, between eating our way through the city (more on that later), and accidentally/on purpose finding a great antiques market and vintage posters, we had a stupendous time.

Feria Internacional Del Campo, Madrid - 1953
Feria Internacional Del Campo, Madrid - 1953

We didn’t get to see a bullfight (actually, we didn’t really want to see a bull fight: I’m not a PETA member, but still, doesn’t seem a fair fight, does it?), but we tried to soak up as much Spanish culture (and food) as we could. Helpful hints from my friend Roy Caro (a Spaniard with very good taste and tastebuds), led us to the best places, some of which we went to time and time again. Like this one, which is absolutely and positively some of the best Tapas on the planet. Even the waiters became friendly after our third visit, and the potato pie tapas is worth every (extensive, olive oil-soaked) calorie.

Plaza de Toros, Valencia - 1996
Plaza de Toros, Valencia - 1996
Plaza de toros, Valencia - 1997
Plaza de toros, Valencia - 1997

My colleague Stephanny had been to Barcelona and knew of a small antiques fair which takes place weekly, and with her good directions we managed to find it with not too much effort. A vendor there led us to his fathers shop – which was full of books and paper, and posters and ephemera of every kind… We went a little crazy and the posters and other ephemera you see on this page are the result of hours spent in the store and its basement. (My son + travel partner, thankfully, likes the poster hunt just as much as his mother…)

Cabalgata de Barcelona - 1961

One of the great things about the Internet is that we can make new (cyber friends) without ever leaving home. Like our new best friend Juan Rodriguez and his blog that seem to have taken a fancy to vintage posters and specifically those which are sold by L’affichiste… All we can say to that is GRACIAS!

Spanish Infantry Poster

And finally, shoes. When we were in Barcelona I saw these amazing shoes in the window of store and made Giulian follow me all around the city until I found them in my size. I love them and wear them all the time. Every time someone compliments me on them, I tell them of the quest involved in finding them… I actually liked them so much I bought them in two versions. Just call me Imelda.


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