I Have Never Been Good At Sports

I have never been very good at sports. It’s not something I am proud of, it’s just something that happens to be true. There are many things (ok, some things) that I am good at, but sports is not one of them.

Italian High Jump Illustration
Italian Long Jump Illustration
Italian Long Jump Illustration

When I was young enough to go to summer camp (not something I ever enjoyed, truth be told), for a few years I went to a camp called Windridge, where they taught tennis. Every report that was sent home was optimistic about my skills, but after a few years, it began to be harder and harder to find positive things to say…

Tennis Club, Bray Dunes
Tennis Club, Bray Dunes

I just never managed to make it look effortless (just effortful) – I could get the ball over the net, but with absolutely no panache. Same for squash – I tried, really, I did – but the speed of the ball, the size of the court, the aggression … nope, not for me.

I do salute folks who manage to do something with their balls (sorry, I really tried, but couldn’t resist). Like this installation which my colleague Kristina heard about

Ana Soler installation - Causa Efecto
Ana Soler, Causa Efecto
Ana Soler Tennis Balls
Ana Soler - Tennis Balls

Now that’s what I call an interesting use of tennis balls. To watch a video of artist Ana Soler in action, click here.


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