Montreal, je t’adore

It’s kind of hard to write about love in January – I mean really: the weather forecast is calling for freezing rain AND strong winds AND lots of snow AND dropping temperatures (we’re already below zero, any more of a drop and we’re talking Siberia and Dr. Zhivago …)

Vintage Poster 1930s Fashion Mode Affiches de Collection
Toilettes d'Hiver = Winter Clothing Sales.

Our first post of the month, in this new posterromance blog format, was all about love, and Montreal, and how we love Montreal. And we do – I mean, I firmly believe that you do have to be partially (or completely, in my case) insane to live here – but for those of us who have drunk the Kool-Aid and sing in the choir, we really do love this place we call home.

Montreal Tourism Winter
Montreal Winter Panorama

Many years ago there was a book written about the two solitudes (English and French) that comprise the Quebec population. To be honest, I don’t think I ever read that book, or if I did, it was so very long ago that I no longer remember. But usually when I think about this wonderful place that I call home, I don’t think of it in terms of two distinct populations, but rather as a functionally dysfunctional family (kind of like my own)…

Montreal Vintage Poster Quebec History - Histoire du Quebec Affiches
Colloque National, 1970s

I love the funky weirdness of this poster from 1980 – for a fun-loving parade which was then called the Fete Populaire, and where, if you look at the poster closely enough, you can see that a stuffed moose still had a role to play in a parade.

Opera de Montreal Posters - Montreal Opera
Opera Posters!
The montreal opera tourism
O.D.M. Posters: only available at our gallery

I love the culture of this city – with its ballet companies, its Opera, its new Quartier des Spectacles, it’s world-famous jazz festival, it’s incredibly cavernous pot-holes

Aislin Hockey The Gazette
Aislin Cartoons!

It’s cold in the winter, it’s hot in the summer, it’s bilingual and infernal and it’s the only place I would ever really want to live. I love Montreal… Montreal, je t’adore.

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