Don’t Forget To Write

You’re in your car, stuck in rush-hour traffic, when suddenly you hear it – that song that reminds you of a long-ago summer (or vacation, or ski trip) … You hear the first notes or two and without even consciously thinking about it, you start humming along (in tune, off-key, it barely matters), and you remember the place: the way it smelled, the way it looked, and … oh my God, her (him, it) – the girl you SWORE you would never forget. The one who made you think that moving to France (or Switzerland, or Spain, or …) was not such a terrible idea – all you had to do was learn the language, find a job, and move…

Vintage Travel Poster Bandol France Andre Bermond
Bandol, France - Andre Bermond
Spain Vintage Travel Poster 1930s
Vintage Travel Poster - Spain
Montreux vintage Travel Poster PinUp
Montreux by Brenot

Somehow, that never happened. Reality set in (or your parents or finances imposed themselves), and at the end of the summer, your love left for home, and you left for yours. Vintage travel posters remind us not only of places we may have visited and loved, but also of the people we loved when we were in those places. So the next time

Art Deco Vintage Travel Poster
Art Deco Travel Poster - France
Canadian Pacific Cruise Line Poster
Canadian Pacific Cruises

you’re in the car and you find yourself humming along to Simple Plan’s Jet Lag , why don’t you just drive on over to L’affichiste and see if we can’t find a poster which will remind you of the best parts of long distance romance…

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