Love in A Dangerous Time

There is something about forbidden love which beckons us and draws us in – perhaps the element of danger, of illicitness, of getting caught – forbidden love is like the apple in the Garden of Eden: it cries out to you saying, “You want me. You know you want me.”.

Poster artists have always recognized and celebrated the allure of the forbidden. Whether it is Paul Iribe’s amazing work for the French wine importer Nicolas.

Vin Nicolas vintage print Paul Iribe
Sleeping Beauty! by Paul Iribe
Vin Nicolas Paul Iribe Artist
Tant Pis Pour Mon Docteur by Paul Iribe

Or Charles Gibson’s searingly acute view into the American upper class at the beginning of the 1900’s

Charles Gibson - Gibson Girls - Couple on a Streetcar
Charles Gibson - Gibson Girls - Out of his Class
Out of his Class - Charles Gibson

Romance has always been good and rich material for poster artists. Shortly after I opened L’Affichiste, I bought a poster which I thought was a perfect poster for me: called La Divorcee (an operetta in three acts), it featured a bootylicious matron being chased (kind of) by an ardent suitor. As – no matter how hard I try, and how much exercise I incorporate into my routine – my rearview is, (ahem) generous, and as the first two acts of my adventures in matrimony were less than successful, I figure my third act will bring the house down. As I said, La Divorcee – a perfect poster for me!

La divorcee Vintage Opera Posters
So Bootylicious! La Divorcee by Dorival

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