Things That Make Us Smile

So, after much hard work, hair-pulling (our own, not each other’s), and trial and error, we have launched our new blog Poster Romance. In the restaurant world it would be called a ‘soft launch’: we’re letting family and friends know about our new baby, but we haven’t taken full page ads out … consider yourself part of our ‘cyber-crew’ (and lucky too! Wait, that rhymes…) We’re still working out some of the kinks (so to speak), and trying to stay sane while constructing Poster Romance, running an on-line and real-world gallery, eating, sleeping, walking the dog, fighting crime on a global level – you know, the usual…

Charlie Chaplin Sur La Plage Vintage Movie Poster
Charlie Chaplin always makes us smile!

Maybe it’s because we’ve been working late nights and weekends, or maybe it’s because we really are quite twisted, but we decided to make a short list of things that make us smile. Bear in mind it’s twenty below zero, winter will be here in Montreal for at least another three months, and we’ve been working around the clock… so if our collective sense of humor was a little off-kilter before, now it’s just off the charts.

Things that make us smile:

1. Offbeat Humor like Paul Rudnick’s article on Internet Dating in the New Yorker, September 6, 2010, excerpted below:

Are you sick and tired of the search for bogus eternal romance and some imaginary ideal “soul mate”? Are you interested in finding that special someone who’s just sort of O.K. in a dim light? Are you one of the millions of American singles who’ve decided to throw up their hands and admit that they’re fine with being almost alone? Then is the Web site for you—finally, there’s a matchmaking service for people who’ll be happy with whomever. First, a few questions to help us in creating your personal lowered-expectations profile. Let’s get started.”

1. How would you rate your appearance?

(a) Frumpy, (b) Slovenly, (c) Why should I wear pants when have no legs?

2. Why do you think you’ve never met that special someone?

(a) Because I’m not allowed to live near an elementary school, (b) Because men/women are shallow, and are attracted only to people with money, good looks, and handkerchiefs, (c) Because I still haven’t found the little door on the TV.

3. What’s your idea of a great way to spend a Saturday morning?

(a) Grabbing some coffee, reading the paper, and catching a movie, all while sitting on the toilet, (b) Walking hand in hand through the park, all by myself, (c) Spending the whole day in bed, with my parents.

You can read the rest here!

2. One of the advantages of having a 16 year old son is finding some of the funniest stuff on the Internet before anybody else. This had me giggling for hours…

German Shooting Cake In A Barrel

3. Coffee Snobs! When folks walk into the gallery for the first time, they are often shy and a little overwhelmed. There is just SO MUCH to see, and people just really arent accustomed to walking in to a gallery, being offered a cup of coffee or a bottle of water, and treated like the humans that they are. More often, people are accustomed to being treated like this.

Coffee Snobs Laugh or Die Video
"One large hot coffee"- Coffee Snobs Still

4. So it’s cold in Montreal. Really, really cold. The kind of cold the takes over even before you make it all the way out the door. But as winter is a long, drawn-out affair here in La Belle Province, Montrealer’s (some of them, anyway), kind of sneer at the cold and carry on anyway. Check out IglooFest in the Old Port and the Montreal High Lights Festival.


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