Poster Romance Questionnaire – Marc Kandalaft

The Poster Romance Questionnaire (with apologies to Proust and Vanity Fair)

Marc Kandalaft
Marc Kandalaft

Marc Kandalaft is an urbane, witty, talented, well-traveled, well-informed, and (incredibly) well dressed-man about town. His work is highly-stylized but never over done: elegant, restrained, and informed, much like the man himself. Marc has an office in Paris (where he works with clients such as LVMH and Galerie Maria Lund) and one in Montreal. You can view his design work here. We asked him to be the first to answer the questionnaire and he was brave enough to agree. Our questions and his answers, below:

1. Where is it that you best express your creativity – the boardroom, the classroom, the bedroom or the kitchen.

In a cafe, sitting in a corner alone, watching people talk, move, whisper, smoke, eat, pass by.

or alone at night listening to loud music.

2. An alien arrives at your doorstep. In a limited amount of time, you would like to introduce him to our culture and way of life. Which three places would you take him to and why?

The Ocean = water = life

A Wheat Field = food = life

A War Scene = human nature = death

3. How would you describe your present state of mind?


Self -assured

Excited about the future

4. Six words that best describe you?

Early morning daylight

La Hune library

Jardin du Palais-Royal

Eye contact

The Paris Metro

David Lynch

5. Your new extra-terrestrial buddy asks for a definition of ‘happiness’ (a concept which does not exist on his planet). What would your definition be?

Have family and friends that you love and who care about you.

Have at least one passion and one goal that you try to fulfill and accomplish.

To be healthy.

6.If you were going to be confined to a space with for blank walls for a period of time, which kind of art work would you like to bring with you.


7. The alien wins 10$ million in the lottery and asks for your advices on what to do with it. What would you suggest?

a. build something that lasts

b. buy art and books

c. help someone

d. go crazy / have fun

8. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

To be able to do 50 things a day and to do them well.

9. What would you consider to be your greatest achievement?

My daughter and my wife, my friends, my company.

10. Before returning to his planet – having decided that Earth was no place for a sane extra-terrestrial – the alien asks one final question: How do you find peace on a place like earth?

By ‘forgeting yourself’

by looking into a child’s eyes

by watching nature

by listening to nature

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